Wheeler Gunsmith Tools

Wheeler® Tools

Wheeler® Tools Wheeler Tools is an engineering company that deals in the sale of gunsmithing tools and related equipment. They stepped into the machinery industry in 1951 and has its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA They are trusted by professional gunsmiths and military armorers across the globe, Wheeler® Tools is the leading provider of premium […]

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magpul magazine accessories

Magpul ® Starting Day 1

MAGPUL® Magpul (officially titled “Magpul Industries Corporation’) was founded in 1999 by Richard M. Fitzpatrick, a former Marine. When he started out, the company’s goal was not difficult, to make life easier for shooters. What does Magpul stand for? Magpul’s original product gave its name to the company with a goal to make it easier

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Real Avid Gun Accessories and Tools

Real Avid® Firearm Tools Accessories

REAL AVID® Real Avid® (Minnisota based company) is the leader in DIY for Guns®. Their expertise is in superior problem-solving products for firearms that are proven to improve the experience of building, customizing, maintaining and cleaning your favorite shooting sports equipment. History: Real Avid® is a sporting goods company whose name says it all. This

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bastion logo 2

Bastion Gear

Bastion Gear! Established in 2012 Bastion Gear brings to you a vast and diverse range of premium quality EDC accessories and gear. Their product line includes knives, wallets, pocket tools, custom gun parts and accessories. Since 2012 they have concentrated on providing a premium product range at a reasonable price points.  Example:  Custom Backplates Do-it-yourself upgrade

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Infinite Defense Targets

Infinite Defense Targets

Infinite Defense Targets Infinite Defense thrives on innovation. They began trying to fill a gap for the need of target systems that could be used more than once. In 2019 they saw the target market lacking an affordable reusable target system. So, they created the self-healing rubber target to be as universal and as “cost

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Alien Gear

Alien Gear Holsters

History of Alien Gear Holsters? Alien Gear Holsters started when Thomas Tedder couldn’t find a handgun holster to carry special pistol with so, he started to dabble in holster designs. Eventually, he found a design that he was willing to concealed carry with daily. He began producing and selling holsters initially on a small scale. The

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