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This is a certified

TEXAS DPS approved

 License to Carry

online course.

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Do it on your schedule … day or night, take your time. 

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AnyoneAnywhere in Texas can take this online course. 

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This online course

replaces the traditional

in person classroom portion. 

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Summary of Online Classes

Texas Constitutional Carry

This is also referred to as Texas Permitless Carry. Very helpful for a new firearm owner.

License to Carry - Texas online course

Online LTC Texas Class

This is where you learn the nuts and bolts of gun handling and safety. We make it easy to get your (license to carry) LTC Texas. Also, after this class we provide you with a list of LTC instructors in your area for the range portion of the DPS approval process.

LTC Refresher Course

A GREAT way to update your knowledge of new regulations for the License to Carry rules in Texas.

More to consider

Why Take this Online LTC Class:

Our online License to Carry LTC class has been voted #1 in the State of Texas. Anyone wanting to carry a firearm in Texas should get a license to carry eliminating restrictions and limitations that come without a valid license. You will appreciate having the experience and time spent to obtain a valid License to Carry permit for years to come. Having the right to carry a firearm was given to us from our founders. They expected each of us to show responsibility and leadership for having this right. 

Ya Know … Someone should have told these folks it was avaliable online! For more information go here!



  • Trespass Protection
  • Campus Carry / School Zone Carry
  • Self Defense
  • Reciprocity in Multiple States
  • Peace of Mind When Carrying
  • Interactions with Law Enforcement
  • Hunting
  • Bypass Background Check When Buying Guns Retail
  • Recreation
  • Protection if Carrying Past No Gun Signage
  • Emergency Situations
  • Learn Handgun Carry Laws
  • Fewer Restrictions
  • Unexpected Crime Prevention
  • LTC is also a Legal Form of ID
  • LTC holder had Continued Safety Education for Firearm Handling
  • Protect your Family 24/7-365

Things to know

Basic Terminology:


  • LTC means – License to Carry
  • CHL means – Concealed or Carry Handgun License
  • CCW means – Carry Concealed Weapon
  • Reciprocity means – the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, especially privileges granted by one country or organization to another
  • Always – Always – Always
Online License to Carry

Basic Information:

This Online Class (LTC) will educate the student that wants the legal right to carry a handgun not just in Texas but other states that reciprocate and honor the Texas Gun License program. Having been trained in this License to Carry class in the proper use of a handgun elevates the students understanding of proper gun maintenance and protocols for safety.

 Reciprocity DOES NOT APPLY unless you have a Texas License to Carry permit. It is a huge benefit having a legal LTC permit inside or outside of the State. With a legal permit to carry, you will be able to carry and travel in most States in the United States. Keep in mind, you must follow the rules and regulations of the visiting State.

Want to buy a handgun? Having a LTC places the permit holder ahead of the line when you decide to purchase a firearm from your favorite retail outlet. You present your license (LTC card), complete the required questionnaire and in most cases, swipe your LTC permit card, and like a credit card, you leave (upon approval) with the firearm that day. Everyone else in line may have an extended waiting period (sometimes days) for the background check to clear them for the purchase. Why wait?


Our goal is to make the process easy for Texans to reach their ultimate goal of having the right to legally carry their firearm in the public while providing them the proper training to understand the rules and regulations associated with the privilege to carry their firearm in our State. And note, this online License to Carry LTC Class is certified by the

  Texas Department of

 Public Safety.


This Online LTC Class

has been VOTED #1 in the

 Great State of Texas.

Your inquiries for License to Carry (LTC) will always be reviewed.