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Staying safe means you need quick access to your gun. With SofHold’s superior gun mounting magnets, you can mount your gun vertically, horizontally or upside down for lowprofile storage. Under desks, inside cars, behind beds, anywhere you want to discretely mount your gun, you can rely on the SofHold tac mount for hidden storage and quick access. This lockdown gun concealment magnet works on most semi-automatic handguns and revolvers. Use two magnets for shotguns and rifles.



SofHold is a heavy-duty magnet that can hold up to 50 pounds. This is at least 30% stronger than other gun magnets on the market. Your gun will remain mounted and secure until you need it. Mounted to any number of surfaces, this leather-bound, ultra-strong magnet securely holds your firearm, but will not scratch the surface, as the magnet itself will not come into contact with your weapon. Other gun mounting magnets, or tac mounts, that are rubber coated can damage the finish of your gun, but the soft, leather cover of SofHold will protect your firearm. No nicks, scratches, or scrapes.





The inventor said “We, at SofHold, have a passion for anything gun related and love all kinds of gun accessories! When I started looking for a gun magnet to mount in my truck, I was just not happy with the choices I found. They were all made in China and had so many bad reviews about poor strength and scratching the gun.”


Since he is an inventor at heart, this put him on a mission to create something awesome and would remove all the negatives about the current gun magnets available, while making something that looked great, be proud to own, and give piece of mind to gun owners looking for a quality.


Customer Service:

“With that in mind, in 2016 I spent 8 months developing what is now our company,, and what we believe is the best gun magnet on the market. It has the perfect amount of hold for almost every gun, it will NOT scratch your weapon and will give you years of stylish, quality service. Because we are committed to excellence, my wife and I and the SofHold family have been hand crafting gun magnet mounts at our home in Northern California. By keeping our manufacturing in-house, we are able to guarantee a top-quality product that our customers absolutely love.”


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Few Samples:

Armed & Beautiful
Armed & Beautiful
American Patriot Magnet
American Patriot
Come and Take It magnet
Come & Take It

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