Right To Bear Insurance

Right to Bear Insurance

What is the Right to Bear Insurance Program?


Right To Bear Insurance is insurance that covers you if you ever need to defend yourself with your gun. They cover both criminal and civil defense with ONE lever of coverage UNLIMITED! Having different levels of coverage can really get confusing… WHY make it confusing?


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Right to Bear is self- defense protection for the “Responsible Gun Owner”


Right to Bear Insurance provides the BEST value for coverage and affordability in its class. Along with your membership, you will receive our “Bear Facts” weekly educational feature which will always give the “Bear Facts” of situational awareness, trauma avoidance, and simply what and what not to do if you have faced a self-defense situation with your firearm. They believe in protecting freedom, protecting family, and protecting YOU.


Let them stand with you!


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Right to Bear Insurance does not condone unnecessary excessive force or illegal actions of aggression.


Right to Bear Insurance wants to help you stay safe, legal, and prepared as you exercise your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. The right to keep and bear arms, to protect yourself, your loved ones, and the innocent and vulnerable in your communities deserves to be steadfastly protected.


They believe that education on local laws, procedures, and proper use of our firearms is a key and vital component of defending those rights.


As firearm owners, they pride themselves on accepting the added responsibility that comes along with gun ownership. They know that safety and security are paramount principles. That’s why Right to Bear Insurance staff are gun owners in the first place!


“Right to Bear promotes freedom and the safe and legal usage of firearms by law abiding citizens. The self-defense protection we sell does not protect you in cases of unnecessary or excessive force, or illegal acts of aggression. We protect responsible gun owners that are forced to use their firearm in cases of self-defense.”


We are seeing the largest number of background check submissions to the FBI than ever before. Background checks have doubled in the last decade from 2011 levels.


Over 100,000 background checks PER DAY is now the new norm. In 2020, there were over 20 million legal firearms sold in the US, with estimates of approximately 40% being first time gun buyers.

Right to Bear vs Other Coverages


Having self-liability protection insurance is highly recommended to a licensed gun permit holder. Lots of “scrupulous people” are looking for a opportunity to accuse the general license to carry permit holder in a lawsuit.


Since there are lots of other companies providing similar self-liability insurance or self-defense protection, doing your homework on what coverage is best for you and your family, will prove to be the best investment of time spent.


  • Right To Bear Insurance will guide you down the safest path.
  • Right to Bear Insurance offers unlimited coverage for both civil and criminal liability.
  • Right to Bear Insurance has no recouping of fees if you’re found criminally guilty.

Most importantly, you must get a bang for your buck while having a experienced group like Right to Bear Insurance be available as your “GO TO” professional self-defense coverage.


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Additional Coverage Options

  • Additional Associate Coverage

  • Multi-State Coverage

  • Bail Bond Coverage (Up to $100,000)

  • Minor Household Children

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