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Who offers innovation, quality and expertise when applying a full spectrum of firearm-specific coatings, ranging from decorative ceramic topcoats to high-performance proprietary coatings?


WMD Guns offers highly technical services encompassing a diverse team of experts collaborating on customized coating for each customer.


Why select WMD’s NiB-X nickel boron over other nickel boron products?



There are some major differences to point out between WMD Guns services and products and those offered by others.  The –X in NiB-X stands for more than eXtreme durability, performance and reliability.  It also stands for eXpert chemistry, processing, application and engineering



Their Metallurgists, PhD Chemists and plating engineers work with gunsmiths, engineers and shooting professionals to deliver highly specialized services to each customer. 


WMD provides services from CONCEPT to CONCEPTION.

Firearm Coating Services

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