TekMat began on a whim when local Texas guy, inventor of TekMat, was cleaning his AR-15 on his dining room table using his wife’s dish towel as a gun cleaning mat. After many ruined towels, she got fed up and bought him an “official” gun cleaning mat. The gun cleaning mat she purchased was little more than a long piece of felt. It stained easy, it wouldn’t stay in place on the table, and little pieces of fiber kept getting stuck on the greased parts of the gun. This is when this he decided to make the best gun cleaning mat for the consumers.



The mat that he designed is what is now known as a TekMat. Designed with a soft thermoplastic fiber surface that will protect your firearm and won’t stain from grease and oil.


The neoprene rubber substrate gives TekMat the padding you need to keep your gun safe from dings and scratches.


And to take it one step further, several TekMat designs include an exploded parts diagram of your special firearm assisting you in the breakdown and reassembly process, instead of always relying on the firearm instruction manual for each cleaning.



TekMat’s uses a dye-sublimation printing process which embeds the ink into the surface material, so you don’t have to worry about the printing coming off the mat. They are consistently adding new firearm models to the mat designs as manufacturers update/create new firearm designs.

Texas Made and Texas Proud!
Examples: Bench and Door Mats
First Responder Mat
Cold Steel Mat 17"
Punisher Blueline TekMat Door Mat
1911 Ultra Premium Gun Cleaning Mat
Fire Department Doormat
AR-15 Weapons Platform Design

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