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Customer fiber failures are a thing of the past. For the OEM no more warranty claims and compromised customer experience stop here!  Tag Precicion’s patent pending quick “remove and replace” modular construction is both robust and user friendly.


The simple removal of a set screw can now remove and replace your fibers in minutes to your color preference making customization a simple and enjoyable process.


Not only does this resolve the issue of field replaceable fiber but, since all surfaces are controlled by our CNC equipment the fiber will be brighter than competitor’s or “melt and mushroom” approach.


Did you Know?

TAG Precision designs and produces high-quality gun sights and gun components. Their dedicated facility in Dallas, Texas USA produces over 1 million+ parts per year with unmatched accuracy. They have world class experience paired with the ability to prototype new products and manufacture high quantities of parts with fast turnaround times on all orders.

“Now isn’t that what we expect“?


  • Premium billet steel sights
  • Patented modular fiber optic system
  • Optics will not break
  • Adjustable to your shooting preference
  • And of course, made in the USA.
The Video tells it all..
*patented pending

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