Reciprocity FAQ


Where can I find out if my Texas license to carry is recognized in other states?


You would visit the Department of Public Safety under LTC agreements with other states (here). This will better clarify which states honor the Texas LTC and what special requirements that state include or exclude if you carry in their state. All licenses that are recognized or honored by Texas are listed either as reciprocal or unilateral proclamation.



 If I am licensed in Texas, can I carry my concealed handgun in another state?


Having a Texas license to carry does not allow you to carry a concealed handgun in another state, UNLESS that state recognizes the Texas LTC permit. Visit that state’s website that you plan to either enter or pass through to find out what guidelines are acceptable to that state’s rules and regulations. They definitely differ state to state and you never want to guess. 


Why does Texas recognize some handgun licenses where that state does not recognize the Texas LTC permit?


Under the Texas statute, Texas may recognize another state’s license if their license meets minimal criteria for Texas regulations. The Texas Attorney General will evaluate each state’s handgun licensing program to determine where statutory reciprocity requirements are met to Texas standards. Upon recommendation of the Texas Attorney General, the Governor of Texas will issue a proclamation or sign a reciprocity agreement recognizing a license to carry license issued by another state.