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Since launching Panther Vision out of a garage that doubled as a laboratory over 10 years ago, the founder and lead inventor Mike Waters has strived to find uncommon solutions for common problems. Mike’s quest to improve lives through smarter lighting products has resulted in over 25 patents to date and a thriving company that lives to defy convention. From their humble beginnings to wherever the future takes them, they vow to design and manufacture every product to make people’s lives a little brighter, every day.


What is a powercap?



Outdoor enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the latest lighting technology to go camping, hiking or on vacation. Whether you’re a working professional or enjoy spending time in nature, traditional flashlights come with their fair share of complications. This is why you rely on Panther Vision for hands-free lighting products such as the POWERCAP® LED Hat and POWERCAP® 2.0 LED Headlamp Hat for style and functionality.

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