PACT Inc. is a Texas based company (40+ years) who manufactures and distributes shooting accessories like:

  • Shooting Timers

  • Chronographs

  • Skyscreens Systems

  • etc.

Is Pact actually a good company?



Pact sets the standard and was created by shooters for shooters. Their shot timer are great products that will improve your skills. They are one of the very best choices for Club shoots because they are so simple and accurate to use.


Their MKIV Championship timer is a perfect example. It is by far the most advanced training timer in the world and is the choice of top competitive shooters in a variety of disciplines not to forget most elite military and law enforcement units.


PACT offers affordable chronographs choices from the basic unit, (M7 Standard Skyscreen System) to their higher end unit (MKIV Championship Timer and Chronograph) and they have purposely kept them affordable without losing quality. 

All products are backed by their “NO” BS warranty and all carry a 30 day money back guarantee.

Check them out..

timer 2
Shooting Timers
Skyscreen Systems
chronagraph 3
Timer & Chronograph

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