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Magpul (officially titled “Magpul Industries Corporation’) was founded in 1999 by Richard M. Fitzpatrick, a former Marine. When he started out, the company’s goal was not difficult, to make life easier for shooters.


What does Magpul stand for?

Magpul’s original product gave its name to the company with a goal to make it easier for shooters to change magazines. The original Magpul was a slip-on device, which is attached to the end of a magazine. It helps the shooter pull a magazine out of a pouch with greater ease.



Over the years, the company grew, and it now has a wide variety of accessories, tools, magazines, mag enhancements, stocks, stock accessories, sights, handguards, rails, rail accessories, slings, mounts, cases and even clothing.


Key Products:

Magpul manufactures some of the most innovative and high-quality firearm accessories made today including M-LOK, PMAG Magazines, MBUS Sights, Hand Guards, Grips, Slings, and Buttstocks.


Major Influencers:

Magpul has influenced the industry for AR-15 rifles, AK-47 rifles, shotguns, & bolt-action rifles.



Whether you are a firearms novice or seasoned veteran, Magpul Industries will undoubtedly give you an “Unfair Advantage” over the competition.


Customer Service:

Being headquartered in Austin, Texas positions them to get your product to you in the most efficient timeframe.

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