LOCKDOWN ™ Safety #1


What do they offer?

Lockdown provides a variety of safety solutions for gun protection and storage. Their catalog is full of products designed to organize, secure, and protect your firearm!


They offer gun magnets, custom gun cabinets, gun vault accessories, gun safe humidifiers, gun rack storage, lockdown gun concealment shelf and much more!


 Their primary focus is on organization, lighting, moisture control (gun safe) security and logic enabled products.


This is the easiest way to get organized!


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This a Wi-Fi-based device that pairs with the Lockdown Logic™ smartphone app.

The parameters and notifications are fully customizable, so you can configure exactly to your specs allowing The Puck to notify you promptly.

Gun Concealment


When it comes to your home defense gun, it’s not always easy to balance security with accessibility.

There have been many attempted solutions to this over the years, most of which were complicated and expensive.

Their Gun Concealment Magnet helps answer this by offering a easy to use and inexpensive solution to this problem.

The best solution is out of sight means out of mind!

Secure Wall Panel

Transform any wall into a custom firearm display with standard and heavy duty Lockdown® Secure Wall Panels designed to adapt to any space.
Display firearms across your wall with Lockdown Secure Wall Panels or pack gear and ammo cans from top to bottom with the Heavy Duty Panel options.
Outfitted with a unique stamped pattern, panels are compatible with a wide variety of Lockdown’s accessories and universal peg attachments.
Enhance, admire, and organize your collection with their innovative and modern way of storing firearms and gear.
Secure Wall Plain
Secure Wall Loaded

Golden Rod Humidifier

Lockdown’s best-selling safe accessory is their Golden Rod Dehumidifier Rod. Once plugged into a power source, the Golden Rod can remove moisture from a 100 cubic foot area.


These are an excellent way to combat moisture not just in gun safes, but in any area that needs help staying dry.


It works by constantly heating the air around it to create a convection current, thus preventing rust from building on metal surfaces and is available in 12, 18, 24, and 36-inch varieties.


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