Crimson Trace Lasers

Crimson Trace Lasers

Who is Crimson Trace?


Crimson Trace is an American manufacturer of laser / red dot / rifle scope sight equipment for firearms. However, they do not produce lasers / red rots just for pistols like some of their competitors.


Crimson Trace Lasers specialty is in-line / upper-grip-mounted both red and green laser units, trigger-guard mounted sights also in training units and a large variety of rifle scopes.


Crimson Trace Laser prides its relationship with other successful partners who are manufacturers of firearms products. They keep close watch on new firearm product releases to ensure their consumer base have the latest and greatest laser device.


Actually, many new firearm release’s are models that are shipped with Crimson Trace Laser products already preinstalled.

 Crimson Trace Lasers

Crimson Trace builds their laser sights to be highly effective for self-defense, targeting and acquisitions devices.  Having a device that can undergo strict duress situations (when needed) gives you the edge over an attacker or accuracy needed while hunting.

Bottom Line 

You deserve a tool that will get you the most accuracy when needed. Don’t be hindered by traditional “over the counter” sights.

Here is what Crimson Trace means (click):
Crimson Trace Laser Sights
Crimson Trace Scope
Hardline 1-10x28 34mm
Crimson Trace laser grip
Lasergrips LG404G 1911c

You Deserve the best!!

Crimson Trace KAHR 380 laser
KAHR P380 LG-433
Crimson Trace CT RAD sight
CT RAD™ (Rapid Aiming Dot)

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