C&H Precision Optics Plates

C&H Precision Optic Plates: #1 Best Choice

C&H Precision

C&H Precision (CHPWS) is a family owned and operated small business, serving the shooting community from their shop located in Richmond Hill, Georgia.


Things to Know:

C&H Precision Optic Plates specialize in manufacturing high-quality firearm accessories, including precision red dot sights. Their products are designed with utmost attention to detail to ensure optimal performance and accuracy.


With a wide range of optic plates available, C&H Precision offers compatibility with various firearm models, making them a reliable choice for professional shooters and enthusiasts alike. Their commitment to excellence and innovative designs have made them a trusted name in the industry.


The founder, Buck Holly, was asked to design and create various weapons-related parts to include optics adapter plates for pistols. He quickly realized the potential of these parts and began switching the business focus over to designing and manufacturing these adapter plates.


By living at the facility, he could switch material in the machines at all hours of the night, he quickly grew the business; adding more machines, personnel, and purchasing a second building to expand capabilities.


Good to Know:

They began designing and producing their own pistol optics to give consumers more options and features at the best affordable price.

Through thoughtful design and clever engineering, they aimed to take your pistol marksmanship to the next level.

What Others Say:

Buck and the guys did an incredible job on my M40A5 build. This thing is absolutely beautiful. I took it to the range today and the thing puts a bullet in a bullet hole from 100 yards all day long. I can’t wait to get it out to the 1000-yard line next weekend. I highly recommend this shop!!”  by David C.

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