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Avantlink is an online affiliate network that allows businesses to expand their reach through quality partnerships. This platform only accepts vetted merchants and affiliates, so their clients be assured that they are working “only” with promoting the product lines offered.


They are headquartered in Park City, Utah. Avantlink was founded in 2005 and is privately owned and supports approximately 35 employees. The company takes pride in being profitable and debt-free. It operates three independent affiliate networks in the US (Global Network), Canada, and Australia. Their network includes leading advertisers and accomplished publishers.


AvantLink’s Core Values

They are focused on working with organizations who see eye-to-eye with Avantlink’s core values.


They are:


They believe in challenging standard practices and disrupting status quo technology solutions. They believe in leading the pack and not being a follower.



Operating in an honest, ethical, and transparent way is foundational to their company to their values. 



They believe in being the best and continue to improve while demonstrating they are 10x better than their competition.


Quality over Quantity

Believing in working with quality partners that align with their values and beliefs rather than working with as many companies as possible. 


Customer Service

They treat their clients as part of their team while providing the maximum value to the clients. Simple goal is your success is their success!



Avantlink is your influencer marketing platform for success. Use the Avantlink Advantage

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