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History of Alien Gear Holsters?


Alien Gear Holsters started when Thomas Tedder couldn’t find a handgun holster to carry special pistol with so, he started to dabble in holster designs.


Eventually, he found a design that he was willing to concealed carry with daily. He began producing and selling holsters initially on a small scale. The operation began in his kitchen but eventually moved to his shed (by his wife’s request).


Alien Gear Holsters finally relocated to Hayden, Idaho in 2013. The holster company began with just a few hundred dollars of leather and plastic, they grew to employ hundreds of employees over the years. They consider themselves a “springboard company”, wherein they’ll promote internally to give people a shot at a better skillset.


A Real American Story!  

 Alien Gear Gun Stuff


Alien Gear Holsters make a variety of professionally crafted holster products like (you choose) IWB, OWB, ankle holsters, rugged drop leg holsters, even shoulder holsters.


It’s almost certain that they have something that will fit your preferred gun and type of carrying necessities, whether it’s a modern semi-automatic pistol or a revolver.


To appeal to the Law Enforcement and Military professionals, Alien Gear also makes special Duty Holsters that are a little heavier and often have retention straps to make sure that firearms stay secured. If needed MOLLE options are available for folks who want to attach a firearm to a plate carrier or relevant backpack.



Alien Gear molle holster
Molle Holster
Alien Gear plain molle holster
rapid duty two
OWB Holster
Alien Gear OWB black holster

Alien Gear makes sure their customers have the latest and greatest gun choice products in the industry.  Show me more!

Consider This!

Per Alien Gear:

  • Free shipping on orders over $99
  • Choice of over “700” Gun Holsters for your firearm. 
  • Buy now, pay later payment option on all purchases.
  • Ongoing promotions and deals
  • Personal notifications on upcoming new product releases
  • Has a special streamlined design that enhances concealability and allows you to carry with full-size guns.
  • Is made up of two pieces that work together to provide support and prevent slipping or moving.
  • Alien Gear uses unique and durable materials that are immediately ready to wear—no break-in time
  • Alien Gear’s website, the holster is designed for people that “sit for long periods every day, or would prefer to keep their waistline free”
  • Forever Warranty*
  • Custom Fit Shell 

*some exclusions apply

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