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Airgun Depot opened in 2002, when founders Scott Thomas and Todd Holmberg opened the Airgun Depot website, selling a selection of quality pellet and bb guns. Their goal was to provide air gunners with a broader selection of high-end airguns that were not available in “brick and mortar” sportsman’s stores.


Customer Service:

Their exceptional customer service along with an expanding line of products, Airgun Depot has grown to become one of the largest volume dealers for airgun enjoyment. You name it they have the best selection of airsoft, paintball, blank guns, crossbows, and shooting accessories in the US.



Modern airguns have many purposes including hunting, pest control, target shooting and plinking. Airgun Depot has established themselves as a leader in the industry by offering a large inventory selection to choose from while giving the consumer the best quality airguns in the market.


Home Office:

They are headquartered in a 10,000 square foot facility in Draper, Utah, with an alternate warehouse located in Ohio for orders shipping to the east coast. This ensures every order go out quickly.


YES… They even carry air rifle’s up to .50 caliber. Thats gotta be serious fun!!

Check them out…
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PCP - Bullpup - Gas Pump etc.
accessories 1
Scopes - Mounts - Gear etc.
airpistol 1
CO2 - Pump - Revolvers etc.
ammo 1
Big Bore - Premium - Top Hunting etc.
bb pellet guns 1
BB - Airgun - Pellet etc.
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Black Ops - Exclusives etc.


  • Versatility. They are available in a variety of calibers and sizes appropriate for shooters of all ages and sizes, and many of them are quiet enough to shoot in a backyard. Whether you want to knock over cans with your friends or kids in the backyard, join a local field target club for some competitive shooting, or getting decked out for big game: they can do it all.
  • Great for Learning. Because they tend to be quiet and don’t have much recoil, they are great for introducing people to shooting. Master the fundamentals of shooting with one of these options and the skills will transfer to any shooting discipline. Plus, because you can shoot them in a basement or backyard you can get a lot more practice in.
  • Cheap to Shoot. You can spend as little or as much on an airgun as you want, but the ammo is usually very cheap. If you aren’t shooting big bores then typically you are looking at just a few pennies per shot and if you are shooting BBs it is even less.
  • Safety. Standard firearm safety practices should always be followed when shooting airguns, but pellet and BB guns have less power than firearms and the projectiles don’t carry as far, which makes them less dangerous. Teaching firearm safety with a BB gun or low powered break barrel is a great way to instill respect for guns into a new shooter.
  • Accuracy. This is something that astonishes a lot of people who haven’t used a modern version that can shoot sub minute of angle out to 100 yards and more. When you send 5 pellets into the same hole at 25 yards, you’ll understand what we are talking about!
  • Great for Training. Many CO2 replicas are virtual matches for the real firearm in size, weight, and trigger, making them great options for developing habits and skills that will transfer over to your sidearm of choice.

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