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Ace Link Armor



Ace Link Armor is a leading manufacturer and distributor of personal body armor products in the United States.

They pride themselves on offering a wide range of high-quality personal protection equipment, like bulletproof vests, soft armor panels, hard armor plates, ballistic helmets and plate carriers.

Their body armor panels are also some of the best in the industry, and they offer a full range of carriers and accessories to accompany them.


Body armor is one of the most important products in a law enforcement officer’s arsenal. From chest protectors to helmets, our selection will cover every part of your body and head guaranteed for safety with high-quality materials that are designed by experts who know what it takes on both concerns:

  • protection against danger
  • comfort during wear.

Is Ace Link Armor Made in USA?

Established in 2017 Ace Link Armor is a USA based professional manufacturer, retailer and distributor for body armor products.


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